2017 • ATO Zeta Mu Chapter Events & Activities

ATO was recognized as The SHSU Campus Fraternity Leader in 2017


• ATO  Wins Spirit Week

• ATO Wins 2017 Tailgate of the Year Award

• ATO Supports Alpha Chi Omega's Annual Luminary

• ATO Initiates 11 New Fall Semester Members

• ATO Zeta Mu  Welcomes Parents & Alumni Weekend

• ATO 'Sweethearts' help with  Brotherhood Outing

* ATO's Aid Hurricane Harvey Victims- Boat & Kayak Rescues and Distributing Supplies

11 New Fall Semester Members Initiated


These Brothers typify the Outstanding Men that desire to become ATO Zeta Mu Members... Two earned Executive Offices.

2017 Parents & Alumni Weekend Festivities


We all look forward to Our Parents visiting, and we always have a great time with our Wise and Gracious Alumni.

Brotherhood & 'Sweethearts' Outing


Taus take Our Brotherhood Seriously... with the help of Our Sweethearts, we share the best of times and are lucky to be ATO's.

ATO's Aid Hurricane Harvey Victims


ATO rushed to aid and rescue Hurricane Harvey victims with boats and Kayaks, and distribute needed supplies and equipment.

2017 Tailgate of the Year Award

Tailgates, great way to support  
Sam & the Bearkats... BBQ  & cold beverage...It don't get better!

Tailgates, great way to support Sam and the Bearkats... BBQ and Cold Beverage... It don't get any better than this! Keep the Win Streak Alive...

Alpha Chi Omega's Annual Luminary


ATO annually joins with AXO and supports them in bringing this important message concerning Domestic Violence to the Campus and Public. TAUS + AXP = Priceless!

2018 ATO Zeta Mu Chapter Activities & events

2018 begins with ATO Focusing on Academics and Activities


ATO is now known campus wide as the 'TailGate Champions' and  Perennial Winners of this Prestigious Award.

Destin Florida Bound with our Laides and Good Cheer


At 3:00am the Actives and 'Friends' headed out for our 12 hour drive... "It was with out a doubt, the time of  Our Lives."

Zeta Mu Community Service & Philanthropy


500lbs. of Crawfish; Lot's of Parents, Alumni and Friends, resulted in a Great Eats, and a Big Donation to The Intrepid at SHSU.



Spring 2018 saw 11 ATO Zeta Mu Taus Graduate... they were Chase McCosha, Calvin Estrada, Austin White, Scott Skolaski, Adolphus King, Zach Reese, Cody Schumake, Zach Smith, Jon Agosto, Tanner Britt, and Garrett Wison. 

Spring Formal


We headed to New Orleans to celebrate our Spring Formal and another Great Year for ATO. Great Food, Fabulous Bourbon Street, Zeta Mu Brotherhood, and a safe return to SHSU made for a perfect ending to a memorable trip. 

Hello Summer


We all look forward to Summer and the great times on campus. Some industrious Brothers even take a few hours to get ahead (who said to catch up?). But, we always look forward to the new semester and new opportunities.

Freshman Orientation


Under the Leadership of Nathan Schumpert, Recruitment Chair, ATO did Outstanding job at this years 'Passport to Sam'. "I believe our focus on '1 on 1' with potential pledges has really paid dividends to our rush efforts." Nathan S.

Passport to Sam • Recruitment


During Freshman Orientation, every campus organization sets up a display in the LSC ballroom... ATO stands head & shoulders above the others. "No group on the Planet can offer what ATO has in its Brotherhood... I Am An ATO" Nathan S.

Best Pledge Class on Campus


Zeta Mu celebrated Bid Day with 21 Pledge Invites, and ALL ACCEPTED. This was the largest pledge class on campus by far, and after an eight week Membership Education Program, those who meet the requirements may become ATO's.

ATO Lodge Expantion


Exciting Plans are in the works for the ATO Lodge. The Chapter wishes to thank the Alumni Assoc. for this gift. To view a video of the upgrades, please click below on www.https://youtube/H3mvw9loics

Zeta Mu Member Scholarships


BOT Chairman, Dan Forney made 6 Young ATO's Very Happy with Alumni Sponsored Scholarships to: Channing Holloway, Blake Bushnell, Daniel Mossberger, Jack Pena, and Nathan Schumpert.

Join the ATO Excitement


There will be plenty of Excitement this Fall Semester with another Award Winning Tailgate Party, Battle of the Piney Woods, Homecoming, and the Sharing of ATO Zeta Mu Brotherhood, Come Join Us... TAU's Rule!

Daniel Mossberger Provided the 2018 Chapter Report

Daniel Mossberger, Zeta Mu Editor

I hope you enjoyed the 2018 Zeta Mu Chapter Report and photos of exciting chapter events. Please visit again for the 2019 Report and more Exciting ATO Zeta Mu Events, Awards, and Campus and Community Activities.

Daniel Mossberger • Alumni Relations