No. 21 • 2019 Annual Reunion • Under Construction • Visit Again Soon For Many More Photos & Stories

Rico, can you say Camera Hog & Smile


Another annual reunion begins... this make number 21 in our consecutive annual shin-digs that began in 1998... 

WOW, that is one heck of a record for Zeta Mu, and I'll b e there is NO other fraternity in the World that can make that claim, and for sure they do not have anything like  the Incredible Trail's End Ranch that we get to enjoy... eat your hearts our Sigma Xi!

Colonel Yebra 'Salutes" Colonel Adams


As many of you know 'The Colonel', Charlie Adams, was recovering from major hip surgery, and could not attend the reunion. Brother Yebra had planned a Special In Person Salute to The Colonel, but last minute post-op complications prevented that. 

However, we were so pleased that Charlie was able to participate via a cell phone hook up. Note Duffer is holding the cell phone and Charlie is listening to Colonel Yebra's Inspiring Message... needless to say there were more than a few teary eyes... and Charlie was Very Moved by Brother Yebra's Eloquent Praise, one Warrior and Colonel to another! 

Colonel Yebra is an incredibly talented speaker and this Tribute Presentation was absolutely First Class... what else would you expect from an Army West Point Graduate Lt. Colonel, to a Marine Bird Colonel... Hoo Rah!

Rico, can you say "Camera Hog" and Smile at the same time?


Rico always seems to when to show up when the camera starts to roll... now I wouldn't say he is just pretending to work with the Kitchen Crew, but that blue towel he has came from the Men's Lounge.

You will probably see more of Rico in other photos, hopefully he will be up to an honest task... love you man...

ATO Zeta Mu W.M. Dylan Bert


The current 20`9 W. M. Brother Dylan Bert gave a surperb report on how Zeta Mu is Kicking Butt this semester... he promised more great things coming Zeta Mu's way... more to come soon on that in the Zeta Mu Section of this website

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Duffer had the Special Privilege of announcing the Inaugural Alumni Hall of Honor Inductee's... this was not only a First for Zeta Mu, but a First for any Fraternity or Sorority at Sam Houston State University.

There will be a special report section on the Hall of Honor further down this Zeta Mu Section of of our website...

Please be sure to take a look and see who the Brother's are that were voted in for 2019. Each year other Brothers will have the opportunity to join this special group of Brother's who have given so much to the success of Zeta Mu and the Alumni Association.

They are listed in the Hall of Honor of the Zeta Mu section, of this website, go take a look and learn more about this Important Award.

Display their FAQs


The image shown on the big monitors, is of the Large Center Piece Graphic that will accompany the 16 Dons and ATO's that were voted for this Inaugural Induction.

The formal Induction Ceremony will be at the ATO Zeta Mu Lodge in late August or early September, the date is still being determined.

A special email will be sent to all Alumni and a post will also be on the Zeta Mu FaceBook Page and on this website.

Hope you all will be able to attend this exciting and Special Event... it has never before happened and those Brothers who are to be Inducted are indeed part of the Foundation of our Beloved Zeta Mu.