Hall of Honor Awards Ceremony Presentation September 7, 2019

Hall Of Honor Overview

The ATO Texas Zeta Mu Alumni Association Alumni Hall of Honor Award Presentation Ceremony, was  held on September 7, 2019, at the Walker Education Center, Huntsville, Texas. 

This Award recognized those Dons and ATO Zeta Mu Brothers who have gone 'Above and Beyond', to further the  Growth and Connection between the ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association and the Zeta Mu Active Chapter,  the ATO Lodge, the ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Website, and Our Brotherhood. Its another Link in the ever expanding relationship between the Zeta Mu Alumni Association and the Zeta Mu Active Chapter. 

Zeta Mu has so many Outstanding Alumni, which is a direct result of the Zeta Mu Chapter continually initiating Outstanding Undergraduate Members.  And, it is with great difficulty making the selection of those  Alumni Brothers who have given Their Talent, Their Time, Their Mentoring, Their Expertise, and Their Financial Support to the ATO Texas Zeta Mu Chapter at Sam Houston State University.

Over 1,000 Dons and ATO Zeta Mu Brothers have contributed to the success of Zeta Mu over the past 60 + years. The Alumni  Brothers who have been voted into the 2019 Alumni Hall of Honor, have continued to Raise the Bar in support of Zeta Mu in many diverse ways. 

Simply stated, they are the Best of the Best of Our Alumni Brotherhood. 

Working closely with the Alumni Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees, these Brothers continue to Respond and to Reach Out to the Active Chapter with their contributions, which often makes the difference between just participating, to actually Elevating, Supporting, and Recognizing the Achievements of those Active Zeta Mu Members, which can be a very difficult but rewarding endeavor. 

The end result of this cooperation between the Zeta Mu Alumni Association and the Zeta Mu Active Chapter is what makes ATO Zeta Mu the Campus Leader at Sam Houston State University.

Although the Brothers were recognized at our 2019 Reunion, prior to the September,7 Ceremony, we are now posting their actual Awards on this website, following this introduction. 

The Original Hall of Honor Awards will be permanently displayed at the ATO Zeta Mu Lodge located at 1411 Nottingham St., Huntsville, Texas, Huntsville, Texas.

Hall Of Honor Highlights

• Each HoH Inductee's Award & Profile is now posted on this website and  available for viewing below.

• Each of these HoH Inductees, along with so many other Alumni, has given so much back to the Alumni Association in support of the Zeta Mu Chapter, since ATO was awarded the Zeta Mu Charter in 1960. 

• Since September, 1960, our Alumni have continued to met challenges, both big and small, and each has made Their Mark providing the solid foundation and support to the Young Men of Zeta Mu.

• They have provided a path and the opportunity for Our Zeta Mu Graduates to Achieve Their Own Measure of Greatness.

• Shown below are the Hall of Honor Awards for each of these Alumni Founding Pillars. These Special Alumni have long deserved this Honor and Recognition, and our sincere thanks.

• In 2019 they were voted to be Inducted by our Alumni Brotherhood to become part of this Inaugural ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Hall of Honor... This is truly a Great 'Once In A Liftetime' Honor...

And a well deserved Congratulations.


The Honorary Alumni Hall of Honor Award

Dons Founded in 1955 • Granted ATO Charter in 1960 & Became the Texas ATO Zeta Mu Chapter.

The Original 114 Dons Members: 

Paul Adams, Joe Daughtery, Alan Davis, Bill Davis, Terry Davis, Dalton DeHart, Jon Derouen, Truman Dickens, Frank Dobbs,  Randy Edens, Gerald Egger, Bobby Emmons, Fred Ermis, Alden Forsythe, Jo Jo Garcia, Bill Gernand, Ralph Goodman, Phil Gratehouse, John Gresham, Randy Alexander, Jerry Angerman, Jim Atkins, Wendell Bailey, Victor Bartels, Henry Beathard, Jerry Don Bell, Buddy Benton, Lucien Berrier, James Blasdel, Rufus Bond, Bill Briggs, Roland Brinkley, Gary Brizendine, Lyman Campbell, Ed Casburn, Leon Childers, Tommy Childers, Ronnie Choate, John Cleveland, Frank Cloud, Bob Conroy, Jim Cook, Troy Cooper, Jeff Council, Bill Craigenm, Al Culberson, Joe Curtis, Bob Griffin, Alan Harwell, Ken Haynes, Bert Hervey, Charley Hodges, Curtis Hooper, George Jackson, Ray Jefferson, Wayne Jones, Bobbo Kalbitz, Don Killough, Joe Knight, Elwood Knight, Larry Kozielski, John Keller, Charles Klyng, Allen Landry, John Martin, Peyton Mathis, Jerry B. Matthews, Roger Metting, Butch Moerbe, Carl Nichol,Bud Norman, Wesley Oakes, Mike Parish, Jack Parker, Arland Phelps, C. Quisenberry, Bill Phileaux, Fred Poole, A.W. Radle, Bennie Ray,Lionel Reese, Raymond Rhoden, Rocky Rhodes, Jack Richards, Jim Riley,Leroy Rogers, Jim Saegert, Bobby Sanders, Joe Scallan, Tony Scamardo, Robert Schulenberg, Sonny Sewell, Maurice Simmons, Don Smith, Murray Smither,Jerry Somerford, Leonard Speaker, Thomas Speed, Bob Spoonemore, Billy Steele,Jerry Streater, Jack Thornton, Roy Turner, Fred Waites, Thomas Walters,Jim Warden, Eddie Warren, Rudy Weigelt, Kenneth Welch, Garvis White,Bill Williams, Bobby Williams, Sammy Dan Williams

The ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association is pleased to bestow the  2019 Alumni Hall of Honor Honorary Founder's Award, to The 'Gentlemen' Dons... 

"Charlie, You 'Realized your Dream' and made it possible for other young men to realize their dream to become an ATO Zeta Mu Member... We All Thank You!" Duffer

Click the Link Below to view the Printed Version of the Dons & ATO Zeta Mu History Story from 1955-

Read the Complete Story of the Founding of the Dons and ATO Zeta Mu Chapter. These 386 color pages cover this Incredibly Detailed 'Trip Down Memory Lane Adventure'  that Spans over 60 Years... see how it all started back in 1955 with Dons Founder Charlie Hodges and his good pals, Bill Briggs, Larry Kozielski, and Bill Philleaux. 

These men had a vision, not unlike our ATO Founders, Otis Allen Glazebrook, Erskin Mayo Ross, and Alfred Marshall, in wanting to form a Brotherhood that would Bind Men Together, based on Eternal and Immutable Principles...  

They Realized Their Dream... 

ATO Zeta Mu


"We Realized Our Dream, Wow, What A Blessing."

Brother Hodges, the driving force in founding the Dons, passed into Chapter Eternal August, 22, 2011

“After serving a year in the Korean War, I got out on January 7, 1955. Four days later I was a Freshman at SHSTC with a New Dream... Organizing and Founding a New Mens Social Club. A club based on Christian Principles, and composed of Outstanding Young Men of Character, with an Eye to the Future. 

Our first year we started with only 11 members, and before we went ATΩ in 1960, we grew to 114. In my wildness dreams I never imagined the Dons would grow into the Magnificent ATΩ Zeta Mu Chapter it is today... Wow, what a Blessing.

Our Goal was to build a Legacy for the Brothers who would follow us, and that’s just what we did. In 1960, Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity awarded the Dons a Charter, and the Texas Zeta Mu Chapter of ATO was born...

 We Realized Our Dream.” Charlie Hodges

Brother Charlie Hodges • November 27, 1932-August 22, 2019 •  Charlie passed just  two weeks prior to being inducted into the Hall of Honor. Charley's daughter Debra Hodges Coffee accepted his Award, and told us she was able to share with him, that he had received this great honor.

Charlie's Hodges

• 1955 •  Korean War Veteran

• 1958 • Graduated SHSTC BBA

• 1960 • ATO Zeta Mu Charter Member 

• 1961 • Married his Sweetheart Barbara

• 2019 • August 22, 2019 Charlie passed, his spirit now resides in Chapter Eternal

• 2019 • Awarded the ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Hall    of Honor Award on September, 7, 2019


"Being an Alumni of The Dons & ATO Zeta Mu Is Both Unique And Gratifying." Spot

“I wouldn’t change a thing about becoming a Don and a Zeta Mu ATΩ."

“I feel blessed that the Dons and ATΩ’s played such a big role in my life. They enabled me to learn so very much from my fraternity relationshps; like teamwork, responsibility, and loyalty. But most of all, it’s the Love and Friendship for my Brothers that makes them my closest friends today.

It’s rewarding to have attended all but one Dons reunion and all the Trail’s End Ranch Reunions since 2000...

and I’ll treasure those memories forever.” Wendell 'Spot' Bailey

Wendell 'Spot' Bailey's Highlights

• Pledged Dons 1959

• Charter Member ATΩ Spring 1960

•Pledge Trainer 1961-1962

•Graduated SHSU B.B.A. 1962

• Air ForceReserve Medic 1962-1968

• Aetna Insurance 1963-1982

• Established Ascrete PavingHouston 1983

• Married Veronica Tolopka 1965

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


"God Only Know's Where I Would Be Today Without My Zeta Mu Brothers And The Brotherhood Of Our Alumni Association"

Member of the First ATO Zeta Mu Pledge Class

“As most young high school graduates, I was in Awe of College Life. And,  I was blessed with an Upper Classman as my roommate and Counselor in the  Freshman dorm. 

A.W. Radle showed me what Brotherhood was all about when ATΩ awarded The Dons a Charter in 1960. This excellent source of guidance was spot on, and I learned and still believe today, what True Brotherhood is all about.

Aside from my wife Cynthia and Family, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.” Mike

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Pledged Spring 1960

• Sophomore Class Favorite & 

Vive President 1961

• Initiated ATΩ  Zeta Mu 1961

• Junior Class Favorite 1962

• Graduated BS Art 1963

• Married Cynthia Davis 1964

• Founded Imagecraft Exhibits


• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


"I Am Truly Humbled To Be Voted By My Brothers For Induction Into The Alumni 2019 Hall Of Honor"

"In 2014 it was an Honor and a Privilege to be named Editor & Historian for the Dons ATO Texas Zeta Mu Alumni Association History Project. Now I'm Truly Humbled to be Voted by my Brothers for Induction into the ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association Hall of Honor."

"Had the great opportunity to pledge and be initiated an ATO at a time when many of the Dons were still active in Zeta Mu. I was in Awe of these Gentlemen Dons, as I was just a youngster of 18. Our Zeta Mu Chapter was in its first year and the time was Oh So Exciting. 

I'm not sure when I first realized just how important our Alumni were to all of us young Taus. Their Guidance and Mentoring along with the Principles & Guidelines provided by our ATO Founders...

Our Brotherhood has been well served for over 60 Years. It's now 2019 and we're still Blessed and going strong." Duffer VTL

Larry 'Duffer' Dunham's Highlights

• Pledged Spring 1961

• W.K.A. Spring 1963

• Member of the ATO ToyBells Trio of Larry Dunham, Ronnie Wamble and Jesse Lankford

• Graduated January, 1964 • B.S. Advertising Art 

• Texas National Guard Medic 1966-1971

• Owner Pegasus Creative Design 1971-2008

• Married "My Babe" & Best Friend Dolores 1977

• Named Historian & Editor of the Dons ATO Zeta Mu History Project in 2014, published 3-Volume History Set 2017

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


Brother Edens Has The Unique Honor Of Being The Last Dons President & The First ATO Texas Zeta Mu Worthy Master

Randy 'Classy' Edens was the First ATO Zeta Mu W.M. Spring 1960

“Becoming a Don was the most important decision I made during my college days at Sam Houston. As the name Dons implies, I joined a group of the Finest ‘Gentleman’ I have ever known. 

And, when on February 20, 1960 we became the 120th Chapter of ATΩ, I was all the more proud that we achieved our Highest Ambition. We were now the Texas Zeta Mu Chapter of ATΩ. 

We gave it our all and it’s been quite a ride.” 1960 W.M. Randolph Edens

Randy's Highlights

• Last Dons President Fall 1960

• First ATO Zeta Mu Worthy Master Spring 1960

• Presided Over ATΩ Zeta  Mu Chapter       Installation Spring 1960

• Married Fannie Lou Stevenson 1960

• 50 Year Career in Transportation Industry 1961-2011

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee

• Finally got his ATO Zeta Mu nickname, 'Classy' in 2019


"Dan's Leadership & Contributions to Zeta Mu Are Legendary"

ATO National Officer 1988-1998

“Preserving the ATΩ experience for generations to come has been my goal since becoming an Alumni Advisor in the 1980’s. It has afforded me the luxury of participating in the lives of so many young men who gain valuable friendships, and a base of support for the rest of their lives.

 The BOT’s mentoring work with the Zeta Mu Chapter is in pursuit of this Important and Life Changing Goal.

When asked what they want to get out of joining ATΩ, I am often told," 

‘I want to learn how to be a good man.’ Dan

Dan's Highlights

• Worthy Scribe 1980-1981

•ATΩ National Officer 1988-1998

• Chairman Alumni Board of Trustees


• Worked in Energy Industry since 1988

• Founded Graceland Resources 2001

• Managed Texas Governor  Bill Daniel’s 

Estate since 2006 

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


"You Have Not Lived Today Until You Have Done Something For Someone That Can Never Repay You."

Unbelievable Feat... W.M. for Two Separate Terms • 1974-1975 & 1978-1978

“I appreciate the work ethic instilled in me by my parents and the men of The Greatest Generation; the quest for knowledge that I acquired as a Boy Scout and Scoutmaster; and the leadership development that I garnered throughout Alpha Tau Omega.

I’ve lived a simple canon of using humor to bring understanding and joy to people, organizations and places, with the hope that they’re a little better off than before I arrived. I try to promote my sons and those I have influenced to be the best they can be. 

To summarize... Enjoy Life.” Rick

Dan's Highlights

• Pledged ATΩ Fall 1972

• Worthy Master 1974 1975 &  

1978  1979

• Pledge Trainer 1975-1976

• IFC President 1975

• Graduated SHSU B.B.A. 1979

• Chapter Advisor Province Chief XV 


• T.J.C. M.L.M. Spring 1982

• BOT Member2002-2015

• SHSU Alumni Association President 2017

• “Fraternity is a Microcosm of Society.” 

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


"Being A Member Of Zeta Mu ATO Was Easily The Most Meaningful And Enjoyable Experience Of My College Years."

Additional Information

“I had some great times, faced a few challenges, grew and matured a bit, and made so many dear friends I still cherish to this day. 

Since 1998, the Alumni Reunions have made those friendships so much more special to me. We all share in each others lives and fellowship, one with another the entire year long. Chapter Involvement, University Summits, Hunt for Heroes, Piney Woods Shootouts, and the many other activities that we participate in together, only serve to strengthen the Love and Brotherhood 

Instilled in our ATΩ Creed. 

With Love & Respect all my Brothers." Bird

Roy 'Bird' Harper's Highlights

• Pledged ATΩ Fall 1962

• Initiated ATΩ Zeta Mu Spring 1963

• Pledge Trainer Fall 1964

• WorthyMaster Spring 1964

• V. P. Emeritus ATΩ Zeta Mu Alumni Association

• Brothers Smith, Yax, & Harper Conceived 

Alumni Annual Reunion 1977

• Graduated U. of H. School of Architecture 1970

• Assisted George & Necia Yax Design Trail’s 

End Ranch

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


Estab. Smith-Hutson Scholarship Program & Chair of Banking

Smith-Hutson Collee of Business Administration Building Named after Robert Hutson

“The most important decision I made at SHSU was becoming an ATΩ. The bond established with my Zeta Mu Brothers is such an important part of my life today. 

Along with two of my Pledge Brothers, I have been active in the Zeta Mu Alumni Association for the past 20 years.  

Had I not become involved with the Smith-Hutson Programs, I probably would not have any connection with SHSU today, except for the active ATΩ Zeta Mu Chapter.” Robert

Robert's Highlights

• Pledged Fall 1962

• Worthy Scribe 1964 

• Graduated Bachelors 

Business Administration


• Smith-Hutson College of Business Administration Building Named in His Honor 1996

• 48 Years in Banking

• Five Years Texas Department of Banking

• President & CEO Fairbanks Bank, Houston 1972

• Retired Texas Capital Bank, Houston as 

Exec. V.P. 2013

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee 


President ATO Zeta Mu Houston Alumni Association Served Four Years U.S. Navy & Korean War Veteran 1950-1953

Dons & ATO Charter Member

“Larry loved being a Don and being initiated ATΩ in 1960. He loved the Brotherhood and Fellowship, and he was always there to assist the Active Chapter and help the Alumni Association, by participating in practically every event.

He genuinely liked to help and provide advice to the Chapter, both as an active member and as an Alumni.

He made a special effort to help everyone be an outstanding person and to be the Best Don and ATΩ they could be.” Duffer

Larry's Highlights

• Dons Charter Member 1955

• Dons Treasurer 1955-1957

• Initiated  ATΩ Zeta Mu

Charter Member  1960

•Graduated Master Business Admin. 1957

• Served in U.S. Navy 1950-1953

• Served in Korean War 1950-1953

• 45 Year Career in Accounting

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


"The Annual Reunions & The Zeta Mu Alumni Association Sponsored Hunt For Heroes, Are Two Of My Most Treasured Alumni Events

"I Began Serving as Alumni Secretary in 2010, and I Love this Job."

“My involvement in the ATΩ Zeta Mu Alumni Association was encouraged by Brother Roland Adamson and others. The duties of Alumni Secretary have enchanced my relationships with all of my Zeta Mu Brothers.

I am just so pleased to be Honored as an Alumni of Our Great ATΩ Zeta Mu Alumni Association. Just being a part of this incredible Brotherhood is honor enough. 

All my Zeta Mu Alumni Brothers have my sincere thanks.” Pete

Pete 'Kutch' Kucera's Highlights

• Pledged Spring 1966

• Graduated Bachelor Science 1968

• Began Serving as Alumni Secretary 2010

• Served Texas National Guard1964-1972

• Retired Boling ISD after 38 years

• Married Beth 1969

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association Hall of Honor Inductee


Member Dons Mens Social Club & Historian For Dons 50th Anniversary Tribute

Charter Member of the ATO Texas Zeta Mu Chapter

“Being a part of the Greatest Mens Social Club on the Sam Houston State Campus was indeed an Opportunity and a Great Privilege.

 It gave me the opportunity to learn and participate in so many great adventures.As one of the ‘Lucky 114’ Dons members, I consider myself truly fortunate. And then becoming an ATΩ was the Icing on the Cake.

These were life changing events and the foundation for many career decisions.” A.W.

A.W.'s Highlights

• Freshman Class President 1957-1958

•Pledged Dons 1959

•Initiated  ATΩ Zeta Mu Charter Member 1960

• Cheerleader 1959-1960

• Head Cheerleader 1960-1961

•Graduated & Commissioned Army 2nd Lt. 1961

•Graduated The George Washington U. MBA 1967

• 34 years in Healthcare Administration Retired 1994

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


Spiritual Advisor Emeritus ATO Texas Zeta Mu Alumni Association

“My Greatest Inspiration besides Jesus Christ is my wife of 41 years, Janie.”

“Brother Joe Smith is a Giving Source of Inspiration to the ATΩ Zeta Mu Alumni Association, Zeta Mu Chapter, and to all who know him. 

He is the glue that binds us together in both good times and in moments of sorrow. He is the Brother we turn to for help and guidance during our gatherings and personal hardships. 

It’s with Sincere Love and Respect that we thank you Joe for all you do, and for being there for those in need.” Duffer

Joe's Highlights

• Pledged ‘Magnificent 7’ 1964

• Pledge Trainer 1967

• Graduated B.S. Art 1970

• In 1997 Brothers Smith, Yax, & Harper Conceived Our AnnualAlumni Reunion

• OrdainedPaster at Alive in Christ Fellowship 

Church 1998

• Worked Texas Prison System 1968-1981

•1st. AssistantTexas Warden of the Year Award


• Worked Agricultural Business 38 Years 


• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


Former Mayor & City Councilman Huntsville, Texas

Director, Sam Houston Memorial Museum

“Pledging and becoming an ATΩ was one of the greatest experiences in my life.


When I attended my first reunion and reconnected with Brothers, some after 30 years, it was like no time had passed between us. I realized what the founders of ATΩ strived to achieve. 

A Brotherhood based on moral character, friendship, loyalty, mutual respect, and love. What greater joy and reward can life offer than family, friendships...

 and a Life-long Brotherhood.” Mac

Mac's Highlights

• Pledged ATΩ Fall 1966

•Graduated SHSU Bachelor of Arts History 1970 

• Master of Arts University of Houston 1994

• Served 12.5 Years City Councilman & Mayor

Huntsville, Texas 2003-2015

• Married Leanne Grivich 1973 

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association 2019 Hall of Honor Inductee


State Of Louisiana 1997 Entrepreneur Of The Year

Hosts The ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association Trail's End Ranch Annual Reunion

“Becoming an ATΩ was perhaps the most important decision I’ve ever made. 

My Zeta Mu experiences and opportunities of Leadership, Social Interaction, and Responsibility were the Foundations upon which I made many Life and Professional Decisions.  

Being an Alumni of ATΩ Zeta Mu is an Honor, and being able to give back a measure of what was afforded me, is truly rewarding.” George

George's Highlights

• Pledged ‘Eshinagus 8’ 1963

•Worthy Master Fall 1965 & Spring 1966 

• SHSU Teaching Fellowship 1966-1967

• Graduated MBA 1967

• U.S. Army Spec. 5 1959-1962

• Married Necia Adams 1966 

• Founder, Chairman & CEO American Oilfield Divers 

• Nasdaq “DIVE”

•  Chairman Emeritus ATΩ Zeta Mu Alumni Board of Directors 

• SHSU Distinguished Alumni 2008

• SHSU Business Hall of Honor 2013

• ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association  2019 Hall of Honor Inductee