To Reunion Hosts George & Necia Yax • A Special Thank You

Words can never express the Sincerity of Our Appreciation to our Trails End Ranch Annual Reunion Hosts, George & Necia Yax

Since 1998, George and Necia have hosted the ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association Trails End Ranch Annual Reunion. For 21 years they have opened Their Home, Their Ranch, and given of Their Time and Hospitality to over 2,000 ATO's, Actives, Pledges, Alumni and Guests.

Necia and George are Indeed Very Special People and Words Simply cannot say how much it has been appreciated for us to have been invited to attend these past 21 years of Reunions. We all look forward to attending for the next 21 years... George and Necia, thank you with "Sincere Love and Respect."


Below Is a Copy of the Letter Given to Necia and George at the 2017 Reunion, Expressing Our Sincere Appreciation for Hosting Our Trail's End Ranch Annual Reunion


Below is the text of the above March 31, 2017 Letter

To George and Necia Yax,

It is an  honor and privilege for me, Larry Dunham, to have been asked by the ATO Texas Zeta Mu Alumni Association, to write this letter of appreciation to you both.

Although words cannot adequately express how we all feel, this letter is written on behalf of all Dons and ATO Zeta Mu Brothers. For those who have attended past reunions, and have since passed on to Chapter Eternal, and for those of us who have the great fortune to continue the tradition of gathering at the ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association Trails End Ranch Annual Reunion, we offer our sincere thanks.

Necia, we offer a very special thank you for so graciously opening your home, and welcoming the thousands of Brothers and guests who visit year after year. You have made us welcome time and again, and many of us have not had the opportunity to adequately espress our thanks, before we departed the ranch. So I now take this opportunity to say for everyone... Thank you Necia for being the kind and gracious lady that always makes us feel welcome, and for sharing you're beautiful home for these few precious days each year.

And George, you have given of your time, your tireless energy, and enormous generosity to make our Annual Reunion a truly Lifetime Experience. Our gratitude is beyond all measure for all you have done, and for all you continue to do for so many.

Who could have imagined the result of that seemingly uneventful day back in the fall of 1997, when you, Roy and Joe shared those glasses of wine on your patio and asked each other, "I wonder where Worm is today, and Duffer, Froggy, Alphonse, Shark Bait, Tippy, and all our other Brothers?"

Little did you realize what the question you asked each other would put into motion. Without a doubt you began an unparalleled tradition, and the Fraternity World's Greatest Reunon event of all time.

You continue to make it possible for countless Dons and ATO Brothers to gather and rekindel old friendships, to share the special Brotherhood that only those of us who enjoy the bond of being Brothers truly know. Thank you for the remarkable opportunity to turn back time, and allow us all to be young men again... at Sam... and we thank you!

It's because of you that many of our Brothers who have passed on to Chapter Eternal, had the opportunity to share this once-in-a-life experience. You both made it possible for these Brothers to say their hello's, raise their voices in song, spirit and friendship, and offer their last and heart-felt goodbyes. Because of you the Brotherhood has a Dedicated Memorial at Trails End Ranch where we can honor their memory each year.

We could fill this book with the examples of the kindness, generosity and love shown by you and Necia, but that is an on-going story even larger than this Reunion History itself.

So it is with Heart-felt Apreciation on behalf of all the Dons and ATO Zeta Mu Brothers, that we dedicate and present this Reunion History Book to George and Necia Yax with Sincere Love and  Respect.

Larry 'Duffer' Dunham

Editor & Historian 


George and Necia Yax stand before their portrait painted by ATO Brother, Laird, Larry, Duffer, Dunham

George and Necia are  two Very Special People and Loved by the Hundreds and Hundreds of Dons and Zeta Mu ATO's Brothers. In addition to the Thousands of Guests who have been privileged to be invited to share in the Incredible Beauty and Hospitality of Their Trail's End Ranch.


Trail's End Ranch • Media, Texas

It's only fitting that Trail's End Ranch with its Scenery, Serenity, and Spectacular Beauty, be made available by George and Necia Yax, for the Worlds Greatest Fraternity Reunion. Simply put... It's Paradise on Earth for Animals, Man, and the  Home of the Incomparable ATO Texas Zeta Mu Alumni Association Trail's End Ranch Annual Reunion.

By the Grace of God, and the Generosity of the Yax's, we are privileged to gather here each year to bring together the Six Generations of Our Brotherhood. We rekindle the memories and great times shared by the Dons and ATO's, who were part of the past 60+ years at our Alma Matter, Sam Houston State University.