Genesis•ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Trails End Ranch Annual Reunion


Legend has it that...

According to Historian, Brother Larry 'Duffer' Dunham, Legend has it that... "Brothers George Yax, Roy Harper and Joe Smith got together on a Magical Evening in 1997, on Brother Yax's Patio at Trail's End Ranch. And, with the help of a 'Few Wee Drops of the Grape', and a few phone calls, THEY HAD AN EPIPHANY...They may not have realized it at the time, but with a little wine and their mobile phones, they created the Most Incredible Event the Fraternity World has ever experienced... The Legendary Texas ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association Trail's End Ranch Annual Reunion was Born.


Thanks to Their Epiphany... A Tradition Was Born

If it had not been for their impromptu get together that evening in 1997, and their nostalgic remembrances of, "I wonder... what's ole 'Duffer' doing tonight, and what's 'Worm' up to these days, and has anyone heard from 'Whip', 'Tippy' and 'Alphonse'... well let's find out"... And so they did or we may never have had the opportunity to Share in the Rebirth of Our Brotherhood at the Beautiful Trail's End Ranch.


Duffer's 'Brotherhood Ode' to the Annual Reunion

It was the Fall of 1987 when we three gave our toast and the dye was cast

We wondered of Brothers not seen in years and of Brothers who had passed 

George, Bird and Joe reminisced of these Brothers and good ole days gone by

Wondering where's Duffer, Worm and Froggy, as a little mist gathers in their eye

And Shark Bait, Tippy and Alphonse, all of them it would be great to see

Sadly recalling a farewell to Harris, Johnson, Kerr, Wasson, King, Teel and Lee

We wondered about the past 30 years that seemed to have flown by so fast

And what had happened to the Chapter and Charter, a dark blur from our past

Next thing we knew we were talking with 'Whip' Wilson on the horn

Then 'Phonse' Bailey and Jeff Moore and laughter, The Reunion idea was born

The first ATΩ Zeta Mu Alumni Reunion & Hog Hunt was in the Spring of 1998

Seventeen Brothers gathered that year for the event that has become so great

Today’s reunion has soared far above what those three Brothers ever Imagined they would ever see 

It now includes Don’s and ATΩ’s from the past six decades, what will tomorrow's be

A Hundred Brothers now annually reunite, faces of both the young  and old

Matters not when you entered Our Brotherhood as Your Reunion Story will also be told

As long as Brothers can gather, if only in spirit with Brothers we know

We will always have Our Reunion, if only in the hearts of the Brothers of ATΩ

Written by Brother Larry 'Duffer' Dunham ATO Zeta Mu W.K.A. 1961