ATO • America's Leadership Development Fraternity

ATO fills the gap • Nearly 10,000 Taus benefit from Award-Winning Programs

ATO believes a gap exists between what our country needs from future leaders and how most young men are prepared to meet this challenge.  The men of ATO Zeta Mu can help fill that gap.

Nearly 10,000 undergraduate Taus benefit from award-winning National Fraternity programs that provide advanced leadership and undergraduate insights typically not available to college students. The BOT of Zeta Mu works closely with Our Undergraduates to provide leadership, scholarships and mentoring to those who can become leaders and difference makers.

Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, the Zeta Mu Alumni provide supplemental funding for Travel and Attendance Fees, and Scholarships to worthy Chapter Members. ATO Alumni who give back to support the chapter fully to expand their circle of influence which inspires and motivates Our Undergraduates in virtually every phase of their educational and fraternal activities.

To learn more and Donate to these worthy causes, please contact Pete Kucera:

ATO Zeta Mu Brother Kadeem Pickett

The story about ATO Zeta Mu Vice President, Kadeem Pickett, was featured in the 150th Anniversary Edition of the ATO Palm Magazine. 

Kadeem is an outstanding ATO and Zeta Mu Brother, and contributed a great deal to the better understanding of what ATO National is trying to accomplish with this outstanding program.