ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association • Chapter Relations

Dons Social Club


The original group of outstanding young men had a vision and a compelling drive in 1955, to establish a new Mens Social Club. They were determined to make their idea into the finest Club on the campus of SHSTC.

It is through their "We won't take no for an answer," efforts, and all 114 Dons who pledged and followed those first few, that enabled them to build the solid foundation upon which now rests the active Zeta Mu Chapter of ATO.

Board of Directors


The ATO Texas Zeta Mu Alumni Board of Directors was established in 2001. It works closely with the Board of Trustees to Support and Advise the Active Zeta Mu Chapter, and to provide Counseling and Assistance to the Chapter when needed. 

The BOD are L-R are Brothers Adams, Davis, Yax, Smith, Woodward, Hutson, Mikkelsen, Kucera, Harper, Dunham, Chandler, Douglas, Holt, Hannah, Simmons, Koeing, Bailey, Ridel, and Askew.

Executive Committee


The ATO Texas Zeta Mu Alumni Association Board of Directors Executive Committee was established in 2001. The Committee councils on major legislation concerning the BOD interaction with the Active Zeta Mu Chapter.

It then reports to the BOD of decisions that are then  brought before the BOD for a vote or ratification, before presenting any action the Active Chapter.

L-R are Adams, Yax, Hutson, Kucera and Adamson.

Trails End Ranch Annual Reunion


According to Historian, Brother Larry 'Duffer' Dunham, Legend has it that... "Brothers George Yax, Roy Harper and Joe Smith got together on a Magical Evening in 1997, on Brother Yax's Patio at Trails End Ranch. And, with the help of a 'Few Wee Drops of the Grape', and a few phone calls, THEY HAD AN EPIPHANY... Doubtful they realized it at the time, but with a little wine and their mobile phones, they created the Most Incredible Event the Fraternity World has ever experienced... The Legendary Texas ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association Trails End Ranch Annual Reunion was Born.

Board of Trustees


The ATO Texas Zeta Mu Alumni Associations Board of Trustees was also established in 2001. It is currently presided over by Chairman Dan Forney.

The BOT is a vital link between the Alumni Association's BOD and the Active Chapter. The BOT has developed a great Bond of Trust wit the Active Zeta Mu Chapter. The Chaper has direct contact with the BOT and together they review Chapter Risk Assessments, Financial Planning, Scholarships, and Interface with SHSU Administration  and the Zeta Mu Leadership.

Young Alumni Ambassadors Association


The ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Ambassadors Association was established in 2016. It is made up of Zeta Mu Members who have recently graduated. 

These young ATO's represent the Future of the ATO Zeta Mu Alumni Association. They have the pulse of the Active Chapter and work closely with the Chapter and The Alumni Association. Together both groups provide an Insight and Overview of what's going on within the Chapter, and offer assistance when and where needed to keep Zeta Mu the Campus Leader at SHSU.