Love and Respect in Our Brotherhood, and in Our Annual Reunions Inspired Me to Write... I Am An ATO

He was an Honor Cadet at V.M.I. when his Idea First Shined so Bright

It was 1865, the Civil War had just ended, and He Knew the Time was Right

Otis Allan Glazebrook had a Great Vision for a Brotherhood of Men

He Shared his Dream with his Two Best Friends and They made our Journey Begin

Erskine Mayo Ross, Alfred Marshal and O.A. Glazebrook were the Founders of ATO

Their Friendship was a Bond as Strong as Right Itself For All the World to Know

No North, No South, No East, No West, it Mattered Not from Where You Came

If you Believed in Good Over Evil, on the Rolls of ATO Could be Inscribed your Name

To Teach Morals, to Foster, and to Recognize True Merit Wherever Found

To Work Together to Elevate Man are Goals too which All Taus are Bound

These are Some of the Principles that were Written Into Our Creed

The Thoughts and Hopes Uppermost in Their Minds, Great Words to Live by Indeed

In 1955 the Dons Formed a Mens Social Club, it was as Exciting as it Was New

The Forbearer of a New ATO Chapter that would be Called Zeta Mu

Today Our Reunion Tradition at Trails End Ranch Adds Another Chapter to Our Story

Pray We Never Fail to Look Back in Gratitude to Those Three V.M.I. Men and Their Youthful Glory

Many Outstanding Men have Made the Pledge to Wear the Azure Blue and Gold

And Those of Us Who Journey On Salute Our Brothers, Who's Stories hasve been Fondly Told

Taus Look Upon Our Crest, Our Cross, and Our Ritual in Sincere and Reverent Awe

As We do Our Departed Brothers, Who Have the Love and Respect of Every TAu

The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, are Words Every ATO Must Know

I Am The First and The Last, I Am Forever Your Brother... I Am An ATO

Written by ATO Larry 'Duffer' Dunham Zeta Mu, W.K.A. Spring 1961